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Professional funeral services in Anniesland and Milngavie

Our staff at Sim & Son have vast experience in handling arrangements for funerals throughout Scotland from the borders to the Highlands, and have connections with various islands off the mainland. We have dealt with repatriation services from all over the UK as well as overseas from USA, Poland, Pakistan, Spain and many more.

When a death occurs

Upon contact by telephone, in person or by email a funeral director will provide guidance on what to do next:
  • Procedures vary depending on where the death took place, e.g. in a hospital, care home, at home or abroad; if the circumstances also require specialist advice, e.g. if the death was expected and verified by a nurse or G.P. or unexpected and requires involvement by the Police and Procurator Fiscal.
  • We will make arrangements for the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to our funeral home and advice on death certification, registration and discuss an appointment to arrange the funeral in the family home, funeral home, care home etc.
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Burial or cremation

We will provide advice on local cemeteries and crematoria, their location, cost, capacity, access and audio systems allowing for an informed choice for the final committal location for the deceased.

If there is to be a service elsewhere prior to the final committal we will provide vast knowledge and experience on religious buildings, public halls and other sites for holding a funeral service.

Green funerals focus on the minimal negative impact that they have on the environment through the use of eco – friendly coffins, natural burial grounds and reduced transportation requirements.

Religious or non-religious

A funeral can be tailored to the exact requirements of the deceased and their families. Whether you want the service in a religious building prior to burial or cremation or a religious service at the cemetery or crematorium, we can handle it. A non-religious service can also be held at a private venue or in the cemetery service room or crematorium building. 

We will provide information on clergy of all faiths, the Humanist Society Scotland and various Independent civil celebrants. Clients have also chosen to conduct the service by themselves, have a musical only service or have a private committal which is usually a specific request from the person who has died.

Coffins and caskets

Like most funeral directors, we source our coffins from a manufacturer who provides a basic shell and we would then fit the coffin with soft furnishings in the interior and fittings along the exterior based on religious preference and personal taste. The primary company we use that supply traditional coffins are a family owned business called DFS Caskets who are market leaders in quality and innovation. We have brochures, websites and a virtual app to help you select a coffin. 

We can also supply natural product coffins like wicker, bamboo, sea grass, banana leaf and water hyacinth as well as themed coffins with artwork as a cover.

Additional services

Viewing of the deceased
We would talk to our clients about their views on coming to see their loved one in one of our chapels of rest, if they would like to provide specific clothing for the deceased and whether there are to be any personal belongings that would remain with the deceased in their coffin.

We would talk about the hearse and limousines that we supply as well as other options like a horse drawn hearse, motorcycle hearse, mini buses for mourners etc. You can choose the route that the procession will take, e.g. we could pass an area or building of significance en route to the final resting place.

We can arrange music to suit the theme of the funeral whether it be hymns being sung accompanied by an organist, personal music played via a CD or MP3 player or a live artist like a piper, jazz band, choir or individual vocalists.

Flowers, newspapers and catering
The years of experience and feedback from the families that we have served enables us to point others in the right direction when arranging flowers and catering venues. Clients can arrange flowers and catering independently or ask us to arrange on their behalf. It is extremely important to us that our clients are given the same high level of service when using 3rd parties. We also give guidance on how to compose an obituary notice for publication in a newspaper that can be placed by the client or ourselves. We also have a feature on our website, ‘Funeral Notices’, where the dates, times and locations of funerals can be displayed for visiting family and friends.

Funeral stationary and extras
Many families are opting to produce a personalised order of service, memorial card or bookmark to hand to mourners as they arrive at a service. We will provide details of associated printers who will produce the highest quality funeral stationary. Funerals are becoming more personalised to the life lead by the deceased and we would be happy to discuss any request or idea you may have to tailor the funeral. We have released white doves, balloons and provided family tartan covered coffins in the past to name a few specific requests.

Ashes caskets/urns and headstones
We use various suppliers for caskets and urns and have brochures and examples in our funeral homes to choose from. Again, through experience and feedback, we have selected a couple of monumental masons that we believe will offer the same quality and level of service as ourselves.


Fully qualified funeral managers

You can expect to receive individual attention when you visit us. We have been providing professional and compassionate funeral services for many years. Our funeral directors will help you with the planning process and ensure that all arrangements are in order and will create a perfect environment for you to say your goodbyes.

Contact Sim & Son to find out more about our services in Milngavie, Glasgow and the surrounding areas.
"On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for the funeral service you provided for my father. Your company was totally professional, compassionate and showed sympathy at all times. All our requests were met efficiently and we are most grateful for your attention. We would especially like to thank Andrew for his outstanding service throughout the whole process." - Mr. C 
For tailored funeral services in Milngavie and Glasgow, call us on 0141 959 0004

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